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Short {but sweet} version…

Hi. I’m Lacey! I’m a small-town, small business owner with big ideas and a huge appetite for great experiences. I love any opportunity where I can mentor or consult on topics that help service-related businesses launch and grow.

I gained my industry experience as the owner of two successful businesses in Whitewater, WI — The SweetSpot Café: a quick service coffee shop and café and The SweetSpot Bakehouse: a full-service bakery, cake shop, and coffee shop — which have been around for over ten years and continue to grow year after year. Through these two different locations, I have gained a breadth of knowledge in the bakery, quick service dining, coffee, catering, and service industries.

It took awhile, but I have figured out the key to work-life balance without dropping the ball. Now I use my experience to mentor other small business owners on how to do the same. My favorite topics are employee and customer service, leading with your heart, and (especially) social media and digital marketing.

In addition to working, I enjoy spending time with my husband and daughter, researching mid-century design, eating tacos or enjoying a craft cocktail, and cheering for the Green Bay Packers.

If you want to know more… 

Hello again. Still reading? Then here’s some more about me: I have a passion for food, drinks, great experiences, and getting stuff done. As a small-town, small business owner, I get to bring my passions to life through my two service-related businesses. My reputation locally has allowed me to serve as a mentor to other small business owners and I am so grateful for the opportunity to learn with others!

I moved to Whitewater as a college student and fell in love with the Midwest charm of the small college town. After graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater with a degree in Interpersonal Communication, I took over ownership of The SweetSpot and immediately began infusing the small coffee shop with my big ideas and personal touches. Eleven years, six renovations, and a second location later, The SweetSpot is the premier café, coffee shop, and specialty cake shop in the area. The backbone of The SweetSpot is a positive customer experience which has created The SweetSpot’s great reputation, loyal customer base, and sales that continue to rise year after year.

I keep my skills sharp by attending (too many) conferences and taking classes related to social media marketing, customer service, and business development across multiple industries. I earned a certificate in Content Marketing in a Digital World from Madison College and have a minor addiction to online courses. #alwayslearning

Now, as the founder of,  I get to mentor, consult, and teach on topics that help other businesses launch and grow. I especially love to work with small business owners on their growth strategies, employee relations and hiring practices, menu design, customer retention plans, and (most of all) social media and digital marketing. My expertise on topics like customer experience, Instagram for business, local search engine optimization, and online review sites have helped several organizations improve their company culture and their sales. Most of all, I enjoy making easy it for other business owners to get out of their own heads and make simple adjustments to improve their work-life balance. A successful business and a happy life… does it get any better than that?

A few of my favorite things: making big ideas become reality, promoting businesses that “get it”, working with authentic people, coffee, and taking pictures of my food.  I also love travel, Wisconsin, and the Oxford comma.

Lectures & Articles

Sweet Fest Business Conference – Mentor and Lecturer: 2016 + 2017

International Baking Industry Expo  (IBIE) 2016 – Lecturer on Online Review Sites, Social Media & Online Marketing, and Embracing / Managing a Millennial Workforce

Social Media Strategy Masterclass, 2017